Theo Boutaris

Theo is a Data Scientist currently residing in the UK. He has a passion for statistics and coding, which naturally led him to follow the Data Science path. He is an R evangelist and open source supporter and tries to give back to the community in his free time. He originates from the great city of Thessaloniki in Greece. When not coding, he plays football, listens to music or plays Dota2.

My Career

Holland and Barrett

Working as a Principal Data Scientist, building and managing a Data Science Team

Sep. 2019 - present
Principal Data Scientist

Weber Shandwick

Worked as a Data Science Associate Director, focusing on building OCR, Image Recognition and NLP solutions.

Feb. 2018 - Sep. 2019
Data Science Associate Director

Sainsbury's UK

Worked as a Senior Data Scientist at Sainsbury's, primarily using R and SQL.

Sep. 2016 - Feb. 2018
Senior Data Scientist

Omnicom Media Group UK

Worked in OMG as a Senior Data Scientist using primarily R and R Shiny.

Apr. 2015 - Sep. 2016
Senior Data Scientist

Experian UK

Worked in Experian as a Senior Data Analyst using primarily SQL and Python.

Oct. 2014 - Mar. 2015
Senior Data Analyst

Experian UK

Worked in Experian as a data analyst using primarily SQL and Python.

Jun. 2013 - Sep. 2014
Data Analyst

MSc Finance, Investments and Risk

Graduated top of the class from the University of Kent UK. The MSc was part of the actuarial science and established a very solid foundation in statistics and data science.

Sep. 2012
MSc Student

National Service GR

Completed National Service in the Military working in the Administration Office.

Aug. 2011
Administration Assistant Manager

BSc Accounting and Finance

Graduated from the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki GR.

Jan. 2010
BSc Student

My Skills




Machine Learning




My Projects


tableHTML is an R package (available on CRAN) used to create HTML tables. Tables can also be styled with CSS and are compatible with markdown, Rmarkdown and R shiny.


RDota2 is an R API client (available on CRAN) used to access Dota2's data. Dota2 is a popular video game created by Valve and available on Steam.


FootalleR is a free interactive application about European Football written in R shiny, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.


colf is an R package (available on CRAN) used to perform a least squares constrained optimization on a linear objective function.